Water Safety Week is a week in which our swim lessons ALL focus on WATER SAFETY. The week culminates with an afternoon event for the whole family from 5-7pm on Friday, May 18 filled with fun, food and learning!

Students, parents and other family members will learn important water safety tips, and can participate by demonstrating a variety of skills. Jumping into the pool, recovering balance and returning to the side; floating on their back for 30 seconds (young children) swimming up to a mile, learning how to wear a life jacket, demonstrating a reaching rescue from the deck and jumping in to performing safety skills fully clothed are just some of the activities!

Drowning continues to be the leading cause of death around the world. It is estimated that over 1 million people will drown this year! Learning to swim could drastically reduce this number! We want to help reduce preventable drowning and thus the reason we promote the fact that “swim lessons save lives!”