Author – Linda Stewart
(Mom, educator, and Propel Swim Academy’s passionate owner)

Bath time is a child’s first experience in the water. A lot of children are timid in the water at first because of a fear of the unknown, and they often wonder, “What will happen if I put my face underwater?” As an instructor, kids ask me all the time, “Am I going to sink?” One of the hardest obstacles as an instructor is working with kids who have a fear of the water, but the water is nothing to be afraid of! Don’t worry though, as a parent you can show your child there’s nothing to fear. Start with a routine you do with your child every night: bath time!

We always tell our parents, especially those with toddlers, to use bath time to nurture their child’s love of the water. Use these easy tips to get your child more comfortable and safe in the water!

Use Fun Water Toys

Using water toys is a great way for kids to get comfortable in the water. Pick up their favorite toys and show them how the rubber duck can float. Then you can make Mr. Shark can put his face in the water, no problem! Also, using rings is a great way to get them to hold their breath while putting their face underneath!

Teach Them to Hold Their Breath

Often times when kids are afraid of the water, it’s because of a bad experience they had with swallowing water. However, you can make sure they don’t have a bad experience in the pool by starting with bath time. Whenever you’re having fun it shows and your kids are watching! Show them how to blow bubbles in the water and make it fun! Make it a game and see who can blow the biggest bubbles?

If getting your child to put their face in the water to blow bubbles isn’t yet an option there are other ways. After shampooing your child’s hair, take a big cup and fill it with water and have them close their eyes and mouth as you pour the water over their hair. This is a great way to teach kids how to hold their breath in the water.

Play Show and Tell

Show your kids how the water can be fun by telling them to splash around or ask them to show you what they’ve learned in their swim lesson. Whenever given the opportunity kids love to show what they’ve been working on in their swim lessons. Soon you’ll hear them yelling “Watch this!” Their excitement is infectious and it shows at home in the tub and at our academy during lessons!

Although swim lessons with a qualified swim instructor is always encouraged there are many opportunities to teach a love of the water at home. Every bath is an opportunity to encourage your child to love swimming. Whatever your night time ritual is don’t forget to make bath time fun! We also offer fun swim classes for parents and children, join us for a few sessions to get even more ideas for bath time fun!

At Propel Swim Academy we understand that in teaching young people how to swim we play a vital role in their development as a person. Through our systemized, education-based, and FUN swim curriculum, we are teaching your children skills that last a lifetime. Learn more about Propel Swim Academy’s curriculum here.

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