Written by Linda Stewart
(Mom, educator, and Propel Swim Academy’s passionate owner)

Year-round swimming is one of the best investments you can make in your child. As swim instructors, one comment we frequently hear from parents is, “This is his/her first time back in the pool since last summer!”

Most often parents expect their child to pick up where they left off, just like riding a bike. However, with children who are learning to swim, consistency and practice are essential. The best investment you can make in your child’s success as a swimmer is to enroll your child in swimming lessons. Encourage your child’s continued growth and success by getting them to “just keep swimming” all year long.

Whether your child is in swimming lessons after the summer is over, joins a winter league swim team, or comes in for a family swim, there are options to fit every child. Although you have many options, one thing is consistent: knowing how to swim is an important, life saving skill that needs to be taught and practiced in the off-season. Read our page on our most frequently asked questions to find out what type of lesson fits your child’s needs best.

Water Safety

Oftentimes, after a long break, kids forget how to swim. Taking swim lessons during the winter is vital for kids to keep up their skills. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) the most drownings occur during the Memorial Day weekend when pools have re-opened. Statistics reported by the AAP show that children who take formal swim lessons reduce their risk of drowning by 88%. As parents, enrolling your child in an off season program, and encouraging them to show you what they’ve learned is life changing. Watch your child’s excitement when they show you all they’ve learned!

Competitive Swimming

One fun option to keep your child active in the water are year-round swim teams. Year-round teams compete against each other holding swim meets. Not only is experience in competitive swimming a great way for your child to keep up their skills, but it’s also a great way to vastly improve those skills. These programs build immense confidence for kids as well as lasting friendships and social skills. We offer competitive stroke and skill enhancement clinics for competitive swimmers. Confidence building and a healthy self-esteem are the unseen medals given to children by winning races.

Group and Private Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons, both group and private, are great for those who don’t want to fall behind in the off season. Enrolling a class is for those who aren’t ready to start swimming competitively or on a team. No matter what type of lesson swimming is the best exercise and it can be enjoyed year round. Choosing between a group lesson, a private lesson or both is another way to customize the needs of each child individually. There are so many options to get them in the water all year long!

As seen in our students at Propel Swim Academy, continuing your child’s water education in the off season will helps them advance their swimming skills and feel more confident in the water. We offer a free evaluation for all of our new swimmers. Not only does this give us a chance to get to know your family, it also allows us the opportunity to place your child in the appropriate class. All of this provides kids with the best opportunity for success in a positive learning environment.

Experience has shown us that consistency and practice are equally important for your child’s continued success. At Propel Swim Academy we offer year-round, developmental swim lessons for swimmers from 3 months to adult. Our program features a highly effective skill & safety progression for each level while instilling confidence in a FUN, SAFE & POSITIVE atmosphere. We are excited to celebrate our love of water and education with you! Want to learn more? Keep your child swimming year round by contacting us today!