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Policies & Procedures

Please Read Carefully: We have a unique way of processing Make Up Lessons!

At Propel Swim Academy we know that children are most successful in a consistent, structured learning environment. However, we understand that kids get sick, parents get sick, and that in general, life happens. So, realizing these things, Propel Swim Academy is happy to offer Unlimited Make Up Lessons for our regular, weekly swim classes!

Here at Propel we handle make ups a differently than anyone we know! In fact, we really don’t handle make ups at all…YOU DO! Our make up system is designed for complete self-service.

Make Up Lessons can be scheduled through our Parent Portal, but you will only be eligible for a Make Up if you cancelled your child (through your Parent Portal) BEFORE the original scheduled class time. Also, Make Ups can only be scheduled in a class spot that has been previously cancelled by another family.

At Propel, make up lessons require a community effort! Make ups are only available in spots that other existing families have cancelled. So think of it as good karma to be diligent about canceling your children from classes they won’t be there for! By doing so, you are opening up a spot for another family to schedule their Make up. If everyone works together, there will be more than enough Make Up spots for everyone!

Overuse of rescheduling negatively affects classes and your child’s progress. Please honor the spirit of this privilege and use make ups for illness and serious conflicts only.

You can find a quick video guide to using our Makeup System here.

Make Up Lesson credits must be used within One Year (365 days) of the missed class.

Once a Make up is booked it cannot be changed or rescheduled.

Instructors are not guaranteed for Make Up lessons.

Make Up Lesson availability is not guaranteed.

There are no Make ups for missed Make up lessons. This is out of fairness for everyone else! Since our make-up system is community based, it is very important that we adhere to a strict ‘one out – one in’ policy. If we allow for rescheduling or make ups for make-up classes, that would mean the rescheduled child took up 2 make up spots for their 1 absence and blocked another family that could have potentially booked the other make up spot.

If you have Make up credits remaining in your account and your swimmer graduates to a new level, don’t worry. You’ll be able to use those credits in the new level after you have marked the swimmer absent in that level. Unfortunately, the Make up system is not smart enough to know that a swimmer has moved into a new level until they are marked absent in that new level!

Overuse of rescheduling negatively affects classes and your child’s progress. Please honor the spirit of this privilege and use make ups for illness and serious conflicts only.

If you can’t find a Make Up Lesson that works for you, coming to our FREE FAMILY SWIM is a great way to get some extra practice!

General Tip For Booking Make Ups! We offer most of our class types every day of the week (except Fridays). When you have an unused make up credit, always check your My Bookings page a couple hours leading up to the shift, as many absences are unplanned and occur at the last minute. On a weekday, check the page around 12pm, then again around 2:30/3pm as many children come home from school sick etc. and cannot swim that afternoon/evening. For weekends, check the day/night before, and then again early in the morning!

  • If you need to withdraw your child, we require notification by the 15th of the month prior to to the month that you wish to withdraw. For example, if you wish to stop your lesson in May, you need to provide written notice before April 15.
  • By withdrawing, your child(s) will be removed from their swim class.
  • Written notice is required for withdrawal. You may send an email to or complete a WITHDRAWAL FORM.
  • Verbal withdrawal notifications are not valid.
  • You will receive an email verifying that we have received your request.
  • Accounts are charged on the 1st of the month.
  • There are no refunds.
  • We would love to have you back at anytime! Please note that if you are away for more than 3 months your child will need to be re-evaluated prior to returning, as skill regression can occur in a short time period! Our Membership fee will be waived if you are returning in the same calendar year.
  • Privacy Agreement: Propel Swim Academy will protect your privacy by not sharing your email address, cookies, or IP address with anyone. All forms stay with us.
We will notify you via our Facebook, Instagram, email, text, and on our main website if we will be closed due to inclement weather. There may be times that we are closed in the morning, but not in the afternoon, so please be sure to check for updates.

If we are closed due to inclement weather everyone will receive a makeup class credit. These credits will last for 365 days, so you will have plenty of time to use it!

If we are open, but you decide that it is not safe for your family to travel, you can log in to your Parent Account and mark yourself Absent from the class so that you earn a Makeup Credit! Stay Safe! Watch this video to see how to mark yourself absent and book a makeup class!

Propel Swim Academy will be closed for various holidays throughout the year. In the event of a holiday closure, your monthly fee will be prorated to reflect the missed lesson.

In the interest of the health of all our swimmers and staff, we require all children under the age of 3, or those not toilet trained, to wear 2 swim diapers (a disposable swim diaper and 1 reusable swim diaper) during their swim class. Our favorite brands of Swim Diapers can be purchased at the Front Desk!

Due to high class demand, refunds will not be given after the Direct Debit run has occurred for any given month.

We will provide a credit to your account in cases of medical emergencies where a doctors note has been supplied.

  1. Food, drink and street shoes are not allowed on the pool deck. This is a health regulation and we strive to keep our facility as clean as possible. If you plan to watch from the deck or shower your children, please bring pool shoes with you. We so appreciate your cooperation and understanding!
  2. Our insurance requires a responsible adult to remain on the Propel Swim Academy premises for the duration of your child’s lesson. Parents are responsible for their child before, during and after the lesson.
  3. Parents may watch from either of our parent viewing rooms or you are welcome to sit inside the pool area and watch from one of our benches. We ask that if you have siblings with you that you DO NOT watch from the pool deck. We have a great play area for siblings that is safe and within the viewing room away from the water.
  4. No strollers allowed on deck. Please leave your stroller in the lobby, changing area or parent viewing room. This is again in an effort to keep outside contaminants off the pool deck!
  5. If your child is over the age of 5 (five) they need to use their gender specific restroom. However, we have a family restroom that is non-gender specific located in the changing room area. While it is large enough to change in, we would appreciate it being use only as a family restroom.