COVID-19 Updates & Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Most details can be found below in our Health & Safety section. Our how-to video describes the procedures we have put in place when you come in for swim lessons. If you have any questions that are not covered on this page, please email us at!
Yes! We are following CDC guidelines for social distancing and for limiting the number of people inside our facility at any given time. Swimmers have specific spots to wait before lessons, viewing room chairs are spaced 6ft. apart, and we are asking that only one adult per child come into the facility.
We are following all in-pool guidelines from the VA state government. Our Parent/Child classes have the space to safely social distance in the pool. Our instructors (wearing face shields) will not be social distancing from their students for safety reasons and because it is necessary for them to hold and physically correct swimmers as they learn!
Yes! As always, if you mark your swimmer absent online before class starts, you will earn a make-up class credit that is valid for 365 days!
Yes. All staff members are required to wear a face covering at all times while in the facility. Instructors in the water are required to wear a plastic face shield while teaching.
Yes! Swim Evaluation can be booked on our Schedule Page after creating an account. Create your account here!
Yes! You can change your schedule any time. In order to limit the amount of in-person contact our Customer Support Team has with customers, we kindly ask that you email us with any schedule change requests.
No. Due to measures we have implemented to reduce class sizes and the number of people in our facility at one time, we have had to create an entirely new class schedule. You can view your current class options on our Schedule Page.

Health & Safety

How can you help? Please remember to:

  • Please do not enter the facility more than 5 minutes before your swim lesson start time.
  • Diligently complete the self-check questionnaire on the door before entering the facility.
  • STAY HOME if anyone in your household is experiencing symptoms or has been exposed to a positive case of COVID-19. Remember, you can mark yourself absent and receive a make-up class credit that is valid for 365 days.
  • Wear a face covering at all times while inside the facility.
  • Make sure you and your children are practicing healthy hygiene habits. Wash your hands and use our hand sanitizer as frequently as you like!

In the pool:

  • All instructors are required to wear a plastic face shield while teaching.
  • Empty space between lanes in order to space classes further apart.
  • Properly Maintained and Chlorinated Pools: We are swimming in thousands of gallons of liquid disinfectant! The CDC has stated that properly treated pool water will kill viruses and there are no known transmissions in properly maintained pool water. In addition to our regular manual chemical testing, we use top-of-the-line computerized BECSys7 chemical controllers to ensure that our water is ALWAYS kept at the proper chlorination levels.
  • Ultraviolet Water Purification: Each of our pools is equipped with a UV Light Water Purification System to further ensure that our water is crystal-clear and clean all day long. These systems are a large step above water treatment protocols that you would find in a standard neighborhood or backyard pool.
  • Defender Filtration Systems: Our pool filters are the most effective filtration systems on the market. These filters work with our chlorine and UV Purification systems to provide our swimmers with some of the cleanest, clearest water around!

Outside of the pool:

  • Staggered Class Times: Class start/end times will be staggered every 10 minutes to reduce the number of swimmers arriving or leaving the facility.
  • Designated Entry and Exit Points: this will greatly reduce instances of people coming into close contact with one another.
  • Parent Viewing: Our viewing rooms will be re-formatted to allow for adequate social distancing. This will reduce the number of parents that can fit in the viewing rooms. We will require parents of children age 5 and below to sit in the viewing room in case their child needs to use the bathroom etc. We will ask that all other parents wait in the car or watch from outside the exterior windows.
  • Siblings: Where possible, we ask that siblings not accompany families to swim lessons. If this is unavoidable for your family, we ask that your children sit in one the chairs in our viewing areas while they are inside.
  • Floor markings to guide swimmers and parents through our facility with as little ‘cross-traffic’ as possible!
  • Additional staff placed on the pool deck and at entry and exit points to ensure compliance with our safety requirements.
  • Additional cleaning protocols: All frequently touched areas will be sanitized at regular intervals throughout the day using CDC-approved cleaning products.
  • Limited contact with surfaces: Where possible, doors will be held by a team member wearing a face mask or shield.
  • Nightly cleaning: We have always done this, but it is worth mentioning that our changing areas, lobby, and viewing rooms are professionally cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis.

Other steps we are taking to ensure the safety of our Swim Family:

Staff and Customer Waivers
Daily staff temperature checks
All non-pool staff will wear face masks at all times.
We will follow and enforce any state regulations concerning customer and staff use of face masks/shields.
Additional signage in the facility to promote healthy practices.