Ignite Swim

The Start is as important as the Finish.

The best way to START your competitive swim journey

What Is Ignite Swim?

Ignite Swim is a swim team-style practice group for swimmers who have a strong Freestyle and Backstroke and have a basic understanding of Butterfly, Breaststroke, Flip Turns and Diving. In Ignite, swimmers will practice and refine all 4 competitive strokes, diving, flip turns and racing skills. At Propel, we teach the sport of swimming. Our coaches prioritize focused swimming over just swimming up and down the pool. We know that swimmers see the best results when every single lap has a challenge and a skill focus. Our Ignite Swim Program is designed for summer league or high school swimmers who want to learn important racing skills, improve their endurance, and get a head-start on the competition for next season!

This group is designed to complement the small-group Stroke Technique classes we offer in our Spotted Eagle Ray and Stroke School Programs. These small group classes are invaluable because we group together swimmers who are at the same skill level and the small ratios allow our coaches to break down each stroke to teach proper stroke mechanics from the ground up. Our swimmers see huge benefit from the individualized attention they receive from their coaches. We also see the benefit of pairing this with a swim team-style practice so that our swimmers can experience what it is like to swim as part of a larger group and build stamina during the longer practices.

The absolute ideal situation for any swimmer is to get the best of both worlds; the detail-oriented focus of a small-group lesson to learn and improve the competitive strokes AND the larger group practice in Ignite to reinforce all of the strokes they are learning by swimming a longer practice and longer distances!


FAQ About Swim Team Prep

Anytime! Ignite Swim runs year-round and swimmers can sign up to begin at any time throughout the year.

Please be aware, this is not a Learn-to-Swim group. This group will be run similar to a swim team practice.

Current Propel Swimmers: Ignite Swim is open to any swimmer in our Stroke School Program (Narwhal, Orca Whale, Barracuda, Mako Shark). Swimmers in the Spotted Eagle Ray Level must be actively enrolled in a small-group Spotted Eagle Ray Class in order to participate in Ignite. If you are a current Propel Swim Family, swimmers in the Spotted Eagle Ray Class Level and above are eligible to sign up only if they are doing Ignite swim in addition to their weekly Spotted Eagle Ray class.

We require brand-new Spotted Eagle Ray swimmers to complete a minimum of 8 30min classes in Spotted Eagle Ray before joining Ignite. This is so that they can learn the “Propel Drills” in a small group environment that will speed up their learning process!

If you are not a current Propel Swimmer, you must complete a Swim Level Evaluation prior to enrollment.

Please contact nick@propelswimacademy.com with any questions about the program or your swimmer’s eligibility!

Swimmers must have:

  • Swim Fins
  • A competitive-style swim suit (your team suit is perfect!)
  • Water

Call (703) 544-1992 or email info@propelswimacademy.com for more information!

Please Note

  • Practice times may change depending on the overall age distribution of the group.
  • At least one parent or guardian must remain on the premises during practice. We have 2 air-conditioned viewing rooms and free Wifi!
  • Siblings may not be left unaccompanied in the facility during practice.