Sea Otter

Once swimmers have built up their confidence and learned to float in the Seahorse class, they’re ready for Sea Otter! Sea Otter is a small-group class that focuses on independent movement in the water. Swimmers will also learn class coordination and a potentially life-saving safety skill; jumping into the pool with no goggles and swimming back to the wall independently!

Your child will be taught:

  • Breath control and Water Balance and Buoyancy
  • Practical swimming – learning to swim at different depths using the arms and legs.
  • Front and Back Glides
  • Front and Back Kicking

This level is for swimmers with limited experience in the water who are ready to get moving in the pool! This is a 30 minute class with amaximum student to teacher ratio 4:1 (School Age) or 3:1 (Pre-school).

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