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The Start is as important as the Finish.

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Summer Swim Camps

Our Weekly Summer Swim Camps begin in June and are available all summer long! Each Swim Camp is 30 minutes a day for 4 days and follows the same format as our weekly swim classes. You will be amazed by the progress your child makes in a week of swim classes! Take as many as you like in addition to your weekly lessons. Each Camp is $88 for 4 classes.

Spring Break Swim Camps

Our Spring Break Swim Camps are a great way to get a jump start on preparation for summer league swimming or just boost your skills being taught in weekly classes. Each Camp is 30 minutes a day for 5 days and uses the same format as our weekly classes; you will be amazed at the improvement when a child takes 5 lessons in a row! Each Camp is $110 for 5 classes.

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    Guaranteed boost in swimming skills!

    Daily swim lessons are a great way to reinforce swimming skills and build valuable muscle memory that leads to long-term skill retention!

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    Learn Life-Saving Water Safety Skills

    Every week of camp features a Water Safety Day. Similar to our monthly Water Safety Weeks in our regular swim classes, swimmers will be taught a skill level and age-appropriate water safety technique!

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    Bond with your swim teacher and classmates!

    Each swimmer will have the same teacher and the same classmates every day during their camp week!

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    Discounted Classes!

    5 Classes for the price of 4 (Or, 4 classes for the price of 3, depending on your camp)!!

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Please Note

For Summer Swim Camps, if your child is not already enrolled at Propel Swim Academy you will need to sign up for an evaluation so that we are able to place your child in the proper class. You can register for a Swim Evaluation below by clicking the Register Now button. Feel free to call us with any questions @ (703) 544-1992 during our opening hours or email us at info@propelswimacademy.com.

If you would prefer to register by phone we will be happy to do it for you! You must pay for your class when you register and there is NO Membership fee. You are free to cancel up to 7 days before the camp begins, however after this time we cannot refund or credit your account unless we are able to fill your slot. We appreciate your understanding.