Stroke School

The Start is as important as the Finish.

Our Stroke School program is an essential part of every swimmer’s journey to become a well-rounded, proficient swimmer. In Stroke School practices, we are teaching the sport of swimming, not just swimming up and down the pool. Our Coaches take the time to teach swimmers the fundamentals of competitive swimming while building a love for the sport through fun, engaging learning. We teach, develop, and improve Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, competitive skills like diving, flip turns, and touch turns, and focus on teaching swimming etiquette and racing strategy. The small-group atmosphere in our Stroke School Levels mean that our Coaches pay attention to every detail to help your swimmer become the best they can be.

Our Stroke School program consists of 4 different groups; Narwhal, Orca Whale, Barracuda, and Mako Shark. Swimmers are placed into a group based on their skill level. Swimmers entering the Stroke School should have a strong foundation in Freestyle and Backstroke, as well as a basic understanding of Breaststroke, Butterfly, and diving. All Stroke School Levels are swum in our full size, 25 yard pool. Our Stroke School is the perfect solution for summer league swimmers, aspiring club swimmers, or current club swimmers looking to expand their skills and knowledge of the sport.