Mako Shark

Stroke School Mako Shark

Mako Shark is the fourth and final level in our Stroke School Program. Like Barracuda, Mako Shark is run like a traditional swim practice except we keep our groups small so that our Coaches can hone in on the fine details of each stroke and connect with each and every swimmer. Swimmers will continue building endurance while improving all 4 strokes, Racing Dives, Flip Turns, I.M. turns and learning Racing Strategies.

Your swimmer will be taught

  • Increased endurance and distances
  • Building speed and endurance through efficient Butterfly and Breaststroke
  • Continuous circle swimming and interval training
  • Racing skills – diving, underwater, breakouts, turns, finishes

This is a 60-minute practice with a maximum swimmer to coach ratio of 15:1. Visit our Class Prices page for pricing info.


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