Orca Whale

Orca Whale is the second level in our Stroke School Program. In our full size, 25 yard pool, swimmers will be challenged with increased distances and high level skills in Freestyle and Backstroke, while learning to ‘put all the parts together’ to swim full Butterfly and Breaststroke. In addition, swimmers are taught how to perform fast, efficient Racing Dives and Breakouts, as well as Flip Turns for Freestyle and Backstroke. Our Coaches take the time to teach swimmers the fundamentals of competitive swimming while building a love for the sport through fun, engaging learning.

Your swimmer will be taught:

  • High level Freestyle and Backstroke drills for increasing speed and efficiency.
  • Full Butterfly and Breaststroke strokes along with new drills to increase efficiency
  • Racing Dives and Breakouts for all 4 strokes
  • Flip turns (including the Backstroke Flip Turn)

This is a 30-minute lesson with a maximum swimmer to coach ratio of 6:1.
Visit our Class Prices page for pricing info! Evaluation required before enrollment.

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