Propel Adult Swim

The Start is as important as the Finish.

It’s never too late to learn a lifelong skill!

Why should every adult be a confident, competent swimmer?

How does the program work?

Our Adult Swim Program is divided up into 3 separate skill levels


This class is for swimmers with no formal swimming experience. If you have never been in a swim class before, and have some anxiety or fear around getting in the pool, this class is for you. Our expert instructors will gently guide you through the basics of water comfort.

You will discover how you body moves in the water and how to find your own buoyancy by learning to float on your front and back. In this class, swimmers progress at their own pace and receive lots of individual attention as they learn to love the water. This class has a maximum of 4 swimmers to 1 Instructor.


This class is for swimmers who are comfortable in (and under) the water and can easily float on their front and back. The skills in this class focus on balance, buoyancy, and propulsion. Swimmers will learn how to effectively kick on their front and back, how to roll to their back to breathe, and will master our developmental stroke, Rock and Roll Freestyle.

Upon completion of this level, swimmers should be able to confidently swim on both their front and back and have a basic understanding of rhythmic breathing. This class has a maximum of 5 swimmers to 1 Instructor.


This class is for swimmers who know how to swim Freestyle and are able to effectively kick on their front and back. Swimmers at this level will learn Freestyle with bilateral side breathing, full Backstroke swimming, and will be introduced to the other 2 strokes, Breaststroke and Butterfly!

This is a perfect class for perfecting your technique in our warm-water pools! Swimmers in this class are required to bring their own swim fins, which we use to help build strength in the core and leg muscles. This class has a maximum of 6 swimmers to 1 Instructor.


The Class Schedule for Adult Swim is structured a little bit differently than our other programs. Adult Swim Classes run in a series of 8-class sessions. When you sign up for a class that meets on a particular day and time, you will be in that same class, with the same swimmers, and the same instructor for 8 consecutive weeks.

Having this stability allows our instructors to form a strong bond with each swimmer in their classes and allows the swimmers to get to know each other as well! We have seen many friendships formed in the challenging class environment that our Adult Swim Classes provide!


The cost for a single session (7 weekly classes plus 1 free make-up class) is $230.

Adult Swim Instructors

All of the Instructors in our Adult Swim Program are trained specifically to teach adults to swim. While the skills that adults and children learn in our programs may be technically similar, we know that adults learn differently than children do, and to teach them requires a specific skill set.

In addition to being trained intensively on the technical side of the skills they are teaching, our Adult Swim Instructors are hand-picked from our regular teaching staff because they are able to effectively communicate with adult swimmers and are able to adapt their teaching methods to cater to each individual swimmer that comes their way!

Please Note

  • Once a session has begun, no new registrations will be accepted until the next session. This is to ensure our swimmers receive the highest quality swim class!
  • Unlike our other programs, Adult Swim does not offer unlimited make-ups for missed classes. It is very disruptive to the flow and cohesiveness of a class to have swimmers popping in and out each week. Instead, we offer a free make-up class on the week following the 8th week of a session.
  • Children may not be left unaccompanied in the facility during Adult Swim Classes.
  • Extra practice time is available only to those swimmers who are currently enrolled in an Adult Swim Class.