Now we’re moving! Now that your child is balanced in the water, we begin to add in propulsion techniques that will help them get moving! This level requires children to work together as a team while also learning to be independent in the water. Our focus is on teaching scientifically proven, brain priming movements that will aide your child in fulfilling their physical, emotional and academic potential.

Your child will be taught:

  • Further Breath control and Water Balance and Buoyancy
  • Independent Front and Back Swimming with a focus on proper body position and strong leg kick
  • Intro to the Freestyle stroke
  • Safe”R” Me – Step 2
  • Water Safety Weeks Skills: Treading Water and Deep-Water Swimming

This level is for swimmers with limited experience in the water who are ready to get moving in the pool! 30min class, maximum student to teacher ratio 4:1.

Visit our Class Prices page for pricing info! Evaluation required before enrollment.

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